Sonny Malki Headshot
Over Sonny’s past decade of working within real estate, he has learned one thing above all else:
he lives to help others.

Clients consistently come to know Sonny Malki as a passionate and knowledgeable industry professional. He works tirelessly to meet the needs of his clients, while constantly following market trends and improving upon technical skills. He recognizes the value of keeping keen technology skills to make the buying and selling process painless.

A leader from the heart with a natural mind for business, families often gravitate to Sonny’s compassion and his ability to listen to needs and wants. Investors appreciate his ability to recognize value and believe in his concern for their ROI. This trust developed is evidenced by the families and investors who often purchase properties, sight unseen, based entirely on Sonny’s recommendation to move forward.

Sonny is an active family man supporting his children’s involvement in volleyball and hockey. Originally from Chicago, he has demonstrated leadership skills and strong work ethic as he supported his family restaurant business.

Further, Sonny is a passionate photographer and a natural, artistic eye for perfection. This knack for design leads to visionary transformation of spaces and homes to maximize their beauty and functionality.

My past clients say it best.